Choose your side: Are you British or American. Episode 3.

Choose your side: Are you British or American. Episode 3.

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When you speak English it comes to the point where you have to choose your side: British or American.
The differences between British and American English may cause some misunderstandings.

This is Episode 3 from the series which will guide you through those differences and help you to avoid those misunderstandings.

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Voiced by Sophia Pelivanova

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Choose Your Side: Are You British or American. Episode 3. 

Hello, guys! Ready to choose your side? Are you British or American? Let's find out.
I'll explain a word, and you need to guess what it is.
I am driving my car to the supermarket. I need to go inside the supermarket. Where do I leave my car?
If you think I left it at a car park, then you think like a Brit. If I left it at a parking lot, then you're American. So which one was it for you?

Do you like parking lots?
Is it easy for you to park a car at a car park?

* * * * *

While I was walking down the street, somebody handed me a flyer. I looked at it and understood that I didn't need this useless piece of paper. Walking on, I threw it away into a …. What?
Did I put it in a dustbin or a trash can?
If I had been in England at that time, I'd have put it in a dustbin.
If I had been travelling in the USA, I'd have used a trash can.

Do you always deposit waste in a trash can?
Do you have a dustbin in your room?

* * * * *

I got caught in a traffic jam, and was reeeally late for my meeting with a friend. She had to wait for almost half an hour for me. When I finally arrived, I saw that she wasn't exactly pleased.

“Are you mad?” I asked her.

What country was I in?
Yes, I was in the USA. I asked my friend if she was mad, meaning “are you angry”. If mad means angry, then I'm in the USA. Because in Britain “mad” means “crazy, insane”. You can say that your old great-aunt Eliza is mad, she's in madhouse because she lost her marbles. In US English that would sound like this: “My aunt is crazy so she's in mental hospital”.

Are you mad right now? I mean, are angry?
Do you know any crazy people?

So, continue to choose your side with us. Follow our podcasts on British and American English!