Formal Presentation for Getting the Investment. Part 2

Formal Presentation for Getting the Investment. Part 2

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This podcast is an example of a business presentation for getting investment. 

Today Dave is going to present the concept of a revolutionary product – 3D video glasses.


Written by Maria Olkhovyk

Voiced by Mickey Cesar

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Formal presentation for getting the investment. Part 2.

Good morning. My name is David Finley. I am a senior manager in the R&D department in our company. Today I'm going to present the concept of our revolutionary product – 3D video glasses. The presentation is divided into three parts. First, I'll describe the concept of the product and its main features. Following that, I'll tell about the market analysis and the prospects for our product. Finally, I'll focus on the investment and profitability.

While we were developing the concept of 3D video glasses I was thinking: what can make our company special? What kind of product can become a breakthrough for us? And the answer that I found was simple but great. As simple and great as the product that I will present today.

3D video glasses combine the simplicity of form and the complexity of technology. So, I'd like to start by describing the main features they've got. The material they are made of is both waterproof and shockproof, which makes the glasses ideal for travelling. The twin screens provide the natural 3D effect and 360 degree sound creates the real cinema effect. Their ergonomic design and lightweight let you watch movies with comfort. A special slot for a memory card and compatibility with different video and audio formats will allow playing a wide variety of movies and what's more - videogames. And this is a unique feature of our product. We offer not just watching movies, but playing videogames as well. So, the combination of all these features makes our product a real entertainment system. As far as you can see this entertainment system has unrivalled quality and design. And this brings us to the next part of the presentation, where I am going to expand more on the market research.

If you look at the pie charts in the slide, you will see that there is a gap in the market for this type of products. Though there are several competitors, who have already produced 3D video glasses, our unique selling point gives us a great advantage and allows us to target not only movie fans, but also a huge sector of gamers. And that means we have no competitors here. Please pay attention to this chart which gives the details of potential market share for us in this industry in year one, then with the help of smart marketing technique it will grow significantly in year two, and by the end of year two we are going to become a market leader. And that will be a breakthrough for us. Let me present more financial details in the next part of my presentation, which is about investment and profitability.

So, let's take a look on the graph which shows the correlation between investment and profitability. As far as we can see, the initial investment of $500,000 will bring the profit of $2m by the end of year one and moreover the turnover of our company will increase by 40%. That sounds very inspiring, doesn't it? And by the end of year two, as we become a market leader, our turnover will increase by 70%, assuming that the boom in sales of this product will positively affect the demand for a company's other products such as electronic books and play stations. But these are just some rough numbers. If we decide to approve the concept of this product, our financial department will prepare much more detailed analysis.

To summarize all the key points of the presentation, I'd like to say that our concept of 3D video glasses is unique and has no competitors on the market today. Our approximate financial analysis gives us really promising numbers. Personally, I'd like to emphasize that this revolutionary idea of combining movie player and play station in one device can become a breakthrough for our company and build us a highway to success.