Greeny. Story 6. My New Friend.

Greeny. Story 6. My New Friend.

In this podcast Greeny tells you about his new friend.


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Voiced by Sophia Pelivanova

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Story 6. My new friend

During winter holidays Green Country School is empty: no lessons, no children and no teachers. And I feel lonely here. But there are many flats in this building. I want to go and see who lives there. So, I go upstairs and say my magic words to get into the flat. Oh, it is very nice inside. I see the room – there is a sofa and a TV set. But suddenly I notice that there is someone behind the TV. I want to hide, but I hear “Hello, who are you?” I turn around and see… a bogy girl! She smiles and says:

"My name is Pinky. And what is your name?"

"Greeny," I answer.

I look at her – she is slim and young, she is wearing a blue T-shirt and an orange skirt. And her hair is curly and pink, that's why her name is Pinky. And my hair is green – that's why I am Greeny. We see that and we laugh.

Pinky tells me that she lives in this flat and helps the family. She is very kind and funny.

"Pinky, do you know magic?" I ask.

"A little” – she says. “Binky-Winky-Pinky!” – And she gives me a small green apple. I take it and I can see her face in it.

“It's a magic apple and I have the same one. You can look at it and talk to me”.

“Thank you very much, Pinky!” -I say,

“It's time for me to go home. Let's be friends!”

“Ok” – she answers.

“See you tomorrow!”

And I go back to my school. I am not lonely now – I have a friend and a magic apple!