Greeny. Story 9. Pinky’s Family

Greeny. Story 9. Pinky’s Family

LEVEL 1, 2 |

Today Pinky invites Greene to come to her place. She says that she has something interesting to show to Greeny. When Greeny comes, he sees her and a big book.


Voiced by Sophia Pelivanova

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Story 9. Pinky's Family

Today Pinky invites me to come to her place. She says that she has something interesting to show me. When I come I see her and a big book.

“It's a book, Pinky. I have so many books at my school. Is it really so interesting?”

She smiles.

“It's not a book, Greeny, it's a photo album and I want to show you the photos of the family I live with”.

“Oh, that's interesting.”

And we start looking at the photos.

“These are the parents. Mum's name is Anna, she is a doctor. And she is very kind. Dad's name is Tom, he is a fireman”

“Wow, I also want to be a fireman” – I say.

“And who is this?”

“This is their daughter Alice, she is a pupil and she goes to school. Alice is very friendly; she wants to become a singer”.

“Has Alice got a brother or a sister?” – I ask.

“No, she hasn't. But she has got aunt and uncle, they are very funny. Aunt's name is Jane – she is a dancer and uncle's name is Peter, he is a pilot and flies the planes”.

“And who are these people?”

“They are grandma Lily and grandpa John. Lily is a cook, she makes cakes and John is a driver, he drives a bus.”

“Oh, Pinky you live with a very big family. And I don't have a family to live with…”

“Yes, my family is big and happy. But Greeny, you have so many teachers and pupils at you school. They are your family!”

“Right, in my family there are only teachers and pupils, but it is very big and clever!”



  • invite - приглашать
  • show - показывать
  • smile - улыбаться
  • photo album - фотоальбом
  • photos - фотографии
  • live - жить
  • family - семья
  • parents - родители
  • mum - мама
  • doctor - доктор
  • kind - добрый
  • dad - папа
  • fireman - пожарник
  • daughter - дочь
  • pupil - ученик
  • friendly - дружелюбный
  • become - становиться
  • singer - певец
  • brother - брат
  • sister - сестра
  • aunt - тетя
  • uncle - дядя
  • funny - веселый
  • dancer - танцор
  • pilot - пилот
  • plane - самолет
  • people - люди
  • grandma - бабушка
  • grandpa - дедушка
  • cook - повар
  • cake – пирог, торт
  • driver - водитель
  • bus - автобус
  • happy - счастливый
  • teacher - учитель
  • clever - умный