Pet hates and trivial things that annoy me

Pet hates and trivial things that annoy me

Modern life is a daily struggle. There are a lot of things out there that can put a black cloud over your head. Gregory Theiner shares his top list of annoying things. Do you have anything to add?

Voiced by: Gregory Thainer

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Pet hates and trivial things that annoy me

I wouldn't say I'm easily annoyed, but I would say that certain specific actions rile me quite a bit.
I do wish sometimes that people were much more compatible with my way of thinking and pretty much on the same wavelength.
Now, smoking and blowing the smoke in the direction of a stranger who is peacefully minding his own business, perhaps quietly eating his lunch is more than trivial. It's offensive and just plain rude. The things that gripe me are more personal and even strange perhaps...but I don't think so..

Number one and what really gets my goat is when people are unable to screw a bottle lid tightly back onto a bottle. This is seemingly too difficult a task for some people and it frustrates me to the point, where I've found myself hiding bottles and other goodies in communal fridges… so as to avoid this recurring issue.  This is largely aimed at friends and family members, but really! How difficult is it to open a bottle of fizzy goodness and close it again? Why slobber over MY bottle and in addition to that, why on earth would you feel obliged to flatten a perfectly yummy soft drink? For the life of me I'll never comprehend it, why are people simply unable to invest half a second more, into closing a bottle or a tube of toothpaste for that matter?

Number two and something that actually makes my blood boil; why the devil are some people physically incapable of using a toilet properly? What impels someone to urinate on the toilet seat? What prompts them to leave the bathroom without cleaning the carnage? I'll never understand it nor do I want to, but for all readers and listeners out there: please, please, pretty please, if you make a mess, invest 10 seconds of your life and kindly save others from seeing a visual catastrophe. Be kind enough to prevent the worst case scenario too: a soggy and day ruining rump.

Number three is something I feel quite strongly about; I thoroughly dislike it when people are deliberately late!
I'm punctually challenged and late sometimes, it is however unintentional and never an attempt to be 'fashionably late'. Why oh why would you intentionally make a friend, family member or colleague wait? Why oh why is it acceptable to keep a loved one waiting in the blistering cold and fob it off with 'I'm just fashionably late.'
As I say, I'm not averse to the occasional bit of tardiness, but, hand on heart, this is only time mismanagement. I'm apologetic and would never use the excuse already mentioned.

Number four and this on occasion drives me crazy; everything has a place. Every item, every possession has a home. A book's home is a bookshelf, crockery belongs in the kitchen cupboard, clothing should be in a wardrobe or in a chest of drawers.
So, my question is, why do people take things and borrow things and choose to ignore these basic facts? Why aren't people (like me) subconsciously forced to return things to where they found them? The amount of times I've returned home to find my beloved remote control on the window sill is ridiculous. The amount of times I've entered my kitchen only to find the cutlery placed in the wrong drawer or cupboard and the dishes in total disarray is obscene. This I feel is a matter of what's naturally right and I hope you agree...Do you think a knife belongs in the bathroom? Nope! Does an item of clothing deserve to be flung on the landing floor? Nope!

Fifth and finally; don't you just hate bad table manners!!? I do! A childish English expression is 'say it don't spray it' and I stand by this. I don't want to see the inside of your gob. I also don't want to see a piece of food fly through the air only to hit my face a millisecond later. The rule of thumb people should follow, or stronger than that, abide by, is very simple: close your mouth when eating and keep it closed.
Following on from that, I don't really want to see you lick your knife. I don't want to hear you burp either. Manners cost nothing other than fractions of time and I wish everyone saw it my way...
After writing this I actually feel slightly and increasingly annoyed. These trivial grievances aren't so trivial and people just need to think like me.
That, or for me to be less weird and more understanding...or something like that...