Phrases with 'DO'

Phrases with 'DO'

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Verb 'do' is everywhere. 
These simple phrases will help you survive in everyday conversations. 

Listen and Learn. 

Voiced by Ben Partee

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Phrases with 'DO'

  • do an exercise
    My teacher asked me to do an exercise

  • do gymnastics
    – Do you do gymnastics?
    – No, but I want to try.

  • do yoga
    – Do you like doing yoga?
    – Yes, I do.

  • do aerobics
    I do aerobics every Thursday and Saturday.

  • do well
    I want to do well on my exams.

  • do badly 
    He did badly on this test. 

  • do good 
    People should do good in their lives. 

  • do a favor
    Can you do me a favor? Close the door, please. 

  • do homework 
    Do you do your English homework? 

  • do housework 
    Who does housework in your family?

  • do nothing
    I want to do nothing and just relax.

  • do some reading
    I need to do some reading on this subject.

  • do some studying
    I will do some studying tonight.

  • do the math
    I have five trees, twenty apples on every tree. You do the math.
  • do the ironing
    I need to do the ironing.
    I need to iron my shirt.
  • do the laundry
    All my clothes are dirty. I need to do the laundry.

  • do research
    Scientists do research.

  • do time
    Do you know a person who did time?

  • do the shopping 
    I do the shopping on the weekend.

  • do (number) miles an hour
    I was doing 50 miles an hour when she called.

  • do your hair
    She does her hair every morning. 

  • do your nails
    She does her nails once a week.

  • do your best
    You should do your best

  • do the dishes
    Who does the dishes in your family?