Present Simple Poem

Present Simple Poem

This poem shows you how to use the Present Simple. 


Written and voiced by Mary Mironova

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Present Simple Poem

If you know the Present Simple

Then your life is very simple!

“I wake up and go to school!”

Routines, habits – that's the rule!


We add –S to he/she/it,

She cooks dinner, he eats meat.

The infinitive is used

With you, we, theydon't get confused!


When a verb is used with 'NOT',

We add 'do' to make the lot.

You don't study every day,

I don't do it, anyway.


If we use he, she and it

Add 'does not' to make it fit.

We drop -S from the main verb,

Or the phrase will sound absurd!


He does not work in a shop,

And she doesn't love a cop,

Do you understand this part?

No? I'll make you write a chart!


Switch the subject and this 'do'

To make questions sound quite true.

Use the verbs in their main forms,

Do you like the thunderstorms?


You can use a question word:

Where do you keep your pet bird?

Does it chirp or does it tweet?

We use  'does' with he/she/it.


Use short answers to respond,

Yes, she does, and no, we don't.

Do I make myself quite clear?

Then let's give ourselves a cheer!