Relationship. Phrasal Verbs. Vocabulary

Relationship. Phrasal Verbs. Vocabulary

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This is the list of phrasal verbs from  Relationship. Phrasal Verbs podcast

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Relationship. Phrasal verbs (vocabulary)

to fall in love – to start loving someone
to look something up – try to find information in a book, on a computer etc
to keep on doing something – to continue doing something
to give up (doing something) – to stop doing something that you do regularly
to give up – to stop doing something that you are trying hard to do
to give in – to finally agree to do or accept something that you had at first opposed
to go out – to date, be a boyfriend and girlfriend
to fall out – to have a row, to have an argument
to split up – to end a romantic relationship
to make up – stop fighting and be friends again
to get on with someone – have a good relationship with someone
to bring up – to raise a child
to look back on – to remember something, think about something from the past
to talk into – to persuade someone to do something
to think over – to think about something for some time, deciding whether to do it or not