Ski VS Snowboard

Ski VS Snowboard


Which do you choose: skiing or snowboarding?


Voiced by Bob Skinner

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I love to ski, but I am bad at it. I am even worse at snowboarding! In fact, I am the worst snowboarder in my town.  In my opinion, it is easier to learn to ski; snowboarding is much harder to learn.  

My friend Tulay is the opposite of me, though. She is very good at skiing, but she is better at snowboarding.  Actually, she's the best snowboarder.  

When I use regular skis, I like to start slow. I am slower than most people, usually, but I try not to be the slowest out there.  It is hard for me to go slow on the snowboard, though, so I start fast and get faster until I crash. Tulay is the fastest snowboarder on the slopes, every time!  

She is always happy to go on adventures, but she's happier when snow is involved…and she is happiest on her snowboard. I am getting old and I don't like skiing as much as I did when I was younger. The older I get, the less I like it. By the time, I retire, I will like it the least, probably.    

But Tulay is always the opposite of me, about everything. She seems to enjoy snowboarding more every year. She will probably like it the most when she is the oldest! Isn't that crazy?  

Well, you know what is crazier…I hate staying out late, but when we go skiing together, she stays out later than I want to. The last time we went, we stayed out the latest ever. In fact, we were the last people on the slope and they told us to leave!  

That was the time we went to a very big ski resort, one of the bigger ones in America.  It may have been the biggest in the country, I am not sure.  Some of the slopes were easy to ski on; I always stay on the easier ones.  

The easiest slopes are for children. Those are the least dangerous, naturally. Tulay likes the most dangerous slopes, the most difficult ones she can find! And of course, snowboarding can be more dangerous than skiing; you are more likely to injure your upper body than by skiing. With skiing, you are most likely to just break a leg.

One advantage of snowboards is that walking in snowboard shoes is easier than walking in ski boots, when you aren't on the slope. But I feel like it is harder to get your feet into the snowboard when you are out in the snow.  In any case, the easiest thing of all is to just stay home. But that is also the least fun!  

My most favorite thing about skiing and snowboarding is taking pictures. Everyone looks cool on skis; they look even cooler on snowboards, though, don't you think?  

The coolest pictures are the ones of snowboarders in midair jumps.  I tried one of those poses, but I fell on my face. It was one of the hardest falls I have ever had. The hardest fall was when I broke my nose in Nevada - a permanent reminder of why I like skiing more than snowboarding!