Street Art Is Everywhere

Street Art Is Everywhere

Do you know the difference between graffity and street art? Graffiti  is word-based, whereas Street Art is image-based. Listen and find out more! 


Voiced by Vivica Williams

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Street art is art painted anywhere outside, especially in places where many people can see it.

Graffiti is a kind of street art. It is writing or drawings on walls, subways, buses, bridges - anywhere. It may be simple, like someone's name or a phrase, or a detailed painting. Many people do not like graffiti and think it's ugly if it's not creative. In many places, writing or painting on walls is a crime. Some cities, however, have “ graffiti zones” where artists can draw and paint on certain walls. There are even street art festivals. Banksy is one street artist who became world famous. His artwork sells for thousands of dollars.

Murals are large paintings on the sides of buildings or on walls. Most people love to see murals. Artists who create murals want to make cities beautiful, so they paint big, colorful pictures on city walls. Murals aren't just beautiful. Artists want to tell people a story. They use murals to make statements about life.

Street art isn't new. Thousands of years ago, people painted murals in caves. There are examples of graffiti on city walls from Roman times. Now students can even learn about street art in university classes. Tourists often visit cities just to see the different street art. Look for street art when you walk around your city. You'll find all kinds of interesting and unique paintings and drawings wherever you look.