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Yoga Virgin

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If you ever feel fear of yoga, listen to this podcast! If you have any concerns about yoga, listen to this podcast! If your body makes weird noises during yoga class, listen to this podcast! In any unclear situation, listen to this podcast!

Voiced by Sydney Shore

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

My first yoga class was a very intimidating experience.  I started to get anxious even before the class.  I wondered what type of clothes I should wear? What would the poses be like? Will I embarrass myself in front of the other students?
My first mistake was worrying about all these things!  The teacher quickly put me at ease.  Showing me where to get a mat and suggesting I place it near the front of the room so that I could see her easily.  I had chosen a beginner class and many of the students were new to yoga as well.
She started the class with a few breathing exercises, then she slowly moved us into some neck and shoulder warm-ups.  I felt good. I could do all these things! We moved into downward dog holding it for what seemed like an hour. (it was probably only 30 seconds.)!  My arms and legs started to shake; the teacher came to me and gently adjusted my pose.  I immediately felt better.  
We continued to learn poses that make up sun salutations. Mountain pose, forward bend, tabletop, upward dog, back to down dog. And we practiced each of the poses with the teacher giving us instructions.  All the time the teacher kept reminding us to breathe.  I found this funny; I needed all the breath I could get to get through the series of poses.  How could I forget to breathe?!
The final pose of the class was called savasana.  As I lay on back relaxing into the pose, I felt a sense of calmness come over me.  The room was quiet as we all drifted into ourselves.   I love this posture.  I feel so much better than I did when I started the class.  I will definitely be back.