Greeny. Story 16. The Clean-Up

Greeny. Story 16. The Clean-Up

LEVEL 1, 2 |

Pinky's Birthday Party is over and the house is untidy. So Greeny, Pinky and her granny start cleaning up. 

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Voiced by Sophia Pelivanova

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Story 16. The Clean-Up

After every party you have to clean up. So, when Pinky's Birthday party is over her granny says:

"Look! The house is so untidy. We need to tidy up".

Pinky is very kind and wants to help us.

"I will wash the dishes" – she says and takes all the plates and cups.

"And I will sweep the floor" – I take a broom and start sweeping the floor.

Pinky's granny puts the food and drinks into the fridge and cleans the table, and then she starts dusting. When I finish sweeping I take a cloth and mop the floor. The floor is wet now and I don't let anybody step on it until it is dry. I say:

"Be careful! The floor is wet."

But Pinky is naughty – she tries to step on the wet floor and dance on it. In a second she slips and we all start laughing. Her granny says:

"Oh, dear. Stop fooling around and better water the flowers".

So Pinky starts watering the flowers. I take a vacuum cleaner and start vacuuming the carpet. And granny takes out all the rubbish. Now the house is clean and tidy. Pinky says:

"Thank you for the party and for your help."

"You are welcome, dear" – answers her granny.

And I say:

"You know, sometimes the clean-up after party can be as fun as the party itself".



  • party – вечеринка
  • to clean up – убирать
  • untidy – неприбранный
  • tidy up – приводить в порядок
  • help – помогать
  • kind – добрый
  • wash the dishes – мыть посуду
  • plates – тарелки
  • cups – чашки
  • sweep the floor – подметать пол
  • broom – веник
  • food – еда
  • drinks – напитки
  • fridge – холодильник
  • to dust – вытирать пыль
  • cloth – тряпка
  • mop the floor – мыть пол
  • wet – мокрый
  • dry – сухой
  • naughty – непослушный
  • to slip – поскользнуться
  • to fool around – дурачиться
  • water the flowers – поливать цветы
  • vacuum cleaner – пылесос
  • to vacuum – пылесосить
  • carpet – ковер
  • to take out rubbish – выносить мусор
  • clean – чистый
  • tidy – прибранный