Maria Olkhovyk

Maria Olkhovyk

I believe that listening and reading are good exercises for brains! Exercise with and stay fit :)

  • It's a special day - Greeny and Pinky are going to the zoo.What animals will they see their?    Voiced by Sophia Pelivanova

    Added 04.04.14
  • Pinky is ill today and she can’t go outside. So Greeny visits her to play hide-and-seek.   You can listen to this story in Russian here   Written by Maria Olkhovyk Voiced by Sophia Pelivanova…

    Added 21.03.14
  • Today Pinky invites Greene to come to her place. She says that she has something interesting to show to Greeny. When Greeny comes, he sees her and a big book.   Voiced by Sophia Pelivanova

    Added 03.03.14
  • In this story Greeny goest to the playground to play with his friend Pinky!  Прослушать эту историю на русском языке.   Written by Maria Olkhovyk Voiced…

    Added 14.02.14
  • This podcast is an example of a business presentation for getting investment.  Today Dave is going to present the concept of a revolutionary product – 3D video glasses.   Written by Maria…

    Added 20.12.13