Slava Svitova

Slava Svitova

  • Ok Google, where is my second sock? Thinking about loneliness while looking for the sock... Voiced by Slava Svitova

    Added 30.04.18
  • Solar Eclipse: can it really affect human behavior, health, or luck   Voiced by Cheryl White

    Added 16.02.18
  • Juicy details about rubber invention. Ready to listen?)   Voiced by Charlie Felter

    Added 22.12.17
  • What are the most annoying things you can face on public transport?   Voiced by Charlie Felter

    Added 20.12.17
  • LEVEL 3, 4

    Enjoy every moment of your life and be happy!   Voiced by Charlie Felter

    Added 15.12.17
  • Have you heard anything about Miron Yanovich Fyodorov?No?And about Russian rapper Oxxximiron?Yeep, this is the same person. I am not a big fan of rap but even I have to admit that sometimes I listen to…

    Added 13.12.17