Formal Presentation for Getting the Investment. Preparation

Formal Presentation for Getting the Investment. Preparation

LEVEL 4, 5 |

This podcast guides you through some key points of a formal presentation. 

Jane helps David with the preparation of the presentation. 


Voiced by Mickey Cesar and Sophia Pelivanova

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Formal presentation for getting the investment. Part 1. Preparation. 

David: Hi Jane! Do you have a couple of minutes?

Jane: Sure, David.

D: You see, my department has developed the concept of a new product and my boss now wants me to prepare a presentation for the Board of Directors. But I've never presented anything. I thought you might help me. You know, you've had some training on presentations and you've got so much experience.

J: No problem. Presentations are easy. You just need to be well-prepared. There are two styles of presentations – formal and informal. For the Board of Directors you should keep it formal and clear. First of all, think of the aim of your presentation.

D: Hmm, my aim is to get the investment.

J: Fine, then think about the audience and what information is important for them.

D: Well, the audience is the Board of directors of our company and it's important to make them understand the concept of the new product, how it is different from other products on the market, how it is connected with the rest of our products, what kind of investment is needed and its profitability for the company.

J: Great! When preparing a presentation you should organize all the ideas into three main parts. And make a plan. Let's say, in the first part you will describe the concept of the product including any information about the product itself. The second part will give the analysis of the market, telling about the unique selling points of your 3D video glasses. And finally, the last part will be all about numbers – investment and profitability.

D: Thanks Jane! Now I think I can do this.

J: Wait, David. Presentation – is not just the information that you give. You should also think of the impression and impact you make. Don't forget to introduce yourself, and say a few words about the purpose of your presentation. It's also important to give the structure of the presentation before you begin. And use the signposting phrases like “Firstly… Secondly… Finally… ” or “Now let's move to the next point” - this way they will understand you better.

D: That sounds important. What else can help me to achieve my goal?

J: Well, in this situation you should start and finish your presentation strongly. To start – use a hook – some question or short story maybe – that will grab the attention of your audience. For example: “Have you ever asked yourself…” or “What would you say if…” To finish – get a very persuasive argument that will make them want to give money for your project. Also you can use some slides with pictures or graphs, but don't overload them with the information – that will make the audience tired and sleepy. You know, be enthusiastic about your project and it'll make the audience enthusiastic too!

D: Jane, you've inspired me to give a winning presentation. Thanks a million. I will start preparing now. Thanks again!

J: Good luck, Dave!