On the Plane

On the Plane

Listen to this podcast and learn some useful phrases related to the air travel.


Voiced by Olena Koshovska and Mickey Cesar

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

On the Plane. Part 1

- Good morning! Welcome on board! Please, proceed along the aisle.

- Sorry, I'm afraid, my seat is occupied.

- No problem. Don't you mind taking 19F instead, please?

- Sorry, I'd prefer a window seat.

- Let me check, sir. How about 17A?

- That's all right. Thank you.

- Please, don't forget to put your hand luggage in the overhead locker.


On the Plane. Part 2

- Would you care for a drink, sir?

- What have you got?

- I can offer you soft or alcoholic beverages. Which ones would you like?

- Can I have some red wine, semi-dry? And a glass of still water, please.

- Sorry, sir. But we've got only dry wine, both red and white. Or, maybe, another drink?

- Well, let it be red dry wine then. A glass of still water and an orange juice, please.

- Yes, sir. Here they are.

- Thank you.