• There are some of the tricks shops are using to keep you in-store and encourage you to spend more. Listen to our podcast and find out secrets shops use to make you spend more.   Voiced by Cheryl…

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  • Self-discovery, self-actualization, self-awareness…Is it really so important to deal with a life coach to get a new job or you can do it by yourself?   Voiced by Cheryl White

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  • Does a traditional shopping list include just food that you need? Not for our heroine)    Voiced by Cheryl White

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  • We all like a good party, right? Today we'll take a look at five types of people you will meet during your parties and figure out how to recognize them and, in some cases, ignore them.   Voiced by…

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  • In YouTube, Facebook, and other online comment threads, you are bound to see the expression 'haters gonna hate'.  But what exactly is 'haters gonna hate', and what does it mean?   Voiced by…

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