• Have you ever heard about the Ukrainian restaurant Chicken Kyiv? And what about the dish with the same name?  Let’s listen to the revelation of one little cutlet. Will be interesting, I promise)…

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  • Can money make a person happy? Let’s listen to our podcast and find out!Voiced by Ann Merrill

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  • Would you like to find out more about not ordinary weddings? Would you like to know more about future tenses? Then listen to our podcast! Chill out and have fun)   Voiced by Ann Merrill

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  • Do you still have problems with past simple? Which verbs are regular or irregular? Then listening to our podcast will be a good way to practice them.   Voiced by Ann Merrill

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  • 95% of cereals we eat and that we feed our children is unhealthy. Why is cereal so bad for us? Listen and find out now!   Voiced by Chad Albright

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