Greeny. Story 12. At the Sea

Greeny. Story 12. At the Sea

LEVEL 1, 2 |

It’s very hot and sunny today. So Greeny and his friend Pinky go to the sea. 


Voiced by Sophia Pelivanova

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Story 12. At the Sea

It's very hot and sunny today. I want to go to swim and to sunbathe. I ask Pinky:

“Pinky, do you like swimming in the sea?”

She says:

“Greeny, I have never been at the sea”.

“Really? Then let's go today!”

We say our magic words and disappear. When we open our eyes we can see the beach and we can hear the waves.

“It's very beautiful” – says Pinky.

We take our towels and go closer to the water. I dive into the water quickly and Pinky goes after me. We swim, but suddenly Pinky is scared and says:

“Look, Greeny, there is something very big jumping out of the water”.

I look there and I see a dolphin.

“Pinky, it's a dolphin. They are very nice and friendly”.

“Ok, but Greeny, can only dolphins swim here?”

“No, many animals and fish live in the sea. There are crabs, sharks, sea horses, star fish and also jelly fish”.

Pinky smiles:

Jelly fish? Is it made of jelly?”

I laugh:

“No, but it looks like jelly”.

We feel a bit cold in the water so we swim to the beach. The sand is very warm and we want to make a sandcastle. When the sandcastle is ready I feel that I'm hungry I say magic words and I have two ice-creams in my hands. We eat the ice-cream and look at the sea. We can see a boat sailing far away.

“I like the sea” – says Pinky, – “but I miss home”.

So we say the magic words and go back home.



  • hot – жарко
  • sunny – солнечно
  • swim – плавать
  • sunbathe – загорать
  • sea – море
  • never – никогда
  • beach – пляж
  • waves – волны
  • beautiful – красивый
  • closer – ближе
  • towel – полотенце
  • water – вода
  • dive – нырять
  • dolphin – дельфин
  • friendly – дружелюбные
  • nice – милый
  • animal – животное
  • fish – рыба
  • crab – краб
  • shark – акула
  • sea horse – морской конек
  • star fish – морская звезда
  • jelly fish – медуза
  • jelly – желе
  • sand – песок
  • sandcastle – песочный замок
  • ice-cream – мороженое
  • boat – лодка
  • sail – плыть (о лодке)
  • miss – скучать