Vivica Williams

Vivica Williams

  • Women’s rights activists have been fighting the ban for more than 20 years. Many women have been arrested for driving in protest.Voiced by Cheryll White

    Added 05.05.17
  • Vacation Nightmares. It might not end up on Instagram, but a ruined family trip may teach you lessons you'll never forget.Voiced by Vivica Williams

    Added 01.05.17
  • If a sudden problem happened what should you do? In the United States, people call 911. Listen to our podcast and be prepared for any emergency.   Voiced by Vivica Williams, Cheryl White 

    Added 24.04.17
  • Our podcast will tell you the story of some of the numerous attempts to kill Cuba's iconic former president Fidel Castro.   Voiced by Vivica Williams

    Added 19.04.17
  • Imagine that you are alone in a spacecraft, and then suddenly you hear a knocking sound!   Voiced by Sydney Shore 

    Added 20.03.17
  • Henry Ford said, whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right.' Shape your future with your words!

    Added 06.03.17
  • We don’t want to get trapped in short-term thinking. Instead, we need to have a panoramic perspective.

    Added 03.03.17
  • What would you do if you were living on the Florida coast in October? If the Florida governor ordered you to evacuate, would you do it? Voiced by Chad Albright 

    Added 01.03.17
  • If you’ve been dissatisfied with the direction of your career, then you’re not alone.    Voiced by Vivica Williams

    Added 06.02.17
  • Do you know the difference between graffity and street art? Graffiti  is word-based, whereas Street Art is image-based. Listen and find out more!    Voiced by Vivica Williams

    Added 03.02.17
  • “The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you…

    Added 01.02.17
  • Should your salary depend on tips you get at work? Is it fair if it does? Let’s think about it together.   Voiced by Vivica Williams

    Added 27.01.17
  • You need more sleep. And here is why.   Voiced by Vivica Williams

    Added 28.12.16
  • Couchsufing. What it means, how it works, why the first guest is so special – listen to our podcast and find out. Voiced by Vivica Williams

    Added 26.12.16
  • Many people think that leaders are people who do big things, inspire companies or even countries, or have some major impact on the world. Is it true? Voiced by Vivica Williams

    Added 21.12.16
  • Have you ever noticed that most pop songs sound almost the same? Listen to our podcast and find out why. Voiced by Vivica Williams

    Added 19.12.16
  • Listen to the hilarious story about our upstairs neighbor who turn noise into art.   Voiced by Vivica Williams

    Added 18.12.16
  • Listen to our new podcast about Edvard Munch’s The Scream mystery.   Voiced by Vladimir Polegin

    Added 08.12.16
  • The British exit from the EU, or the Brexit, will be very difficult and will take many years. And the EU and the UK will have to make a new relationship. Find out more in our new podcast about Brexit.…

    Added 02.12.16
  • Why we need hackers? Listen to this podcast and find out! Voiced by Vivica Williams

    Added 30.11.16
  • Feyisa Lilesa, an Ethiopian marathon runner, finished his race at the 2016 Olympics with a daring protest. As he crossed the finish line, he also crossed his arms above his head. Listen to this podcast…

    Added 28.11.16
  • Is this story about love? Maybe. Or maybe it’s just about Shakespeare.   Voiced by Vivica Williams

    Added 21.11.16
  • Giraffes have never been so exciting to talk about! Listen to our podcast about an amazing discovery!  Voiced by Vivica Williams

    Added 12.11.16
  • If you want to start a new life, buy new furniture. If you want to know how – ask Vivica :)Voiced by Vivica Williams

    Added 10.11.16
  • One day your kid wants a new bike. The next day, a new cell phone. Before you know it, your little darling is as tall as you are, demanding pierced ears or even a tattoo. How to react? What to say? Here…

    Added 07.10.16
  • Solar impulse plane completes record-breaking flight around the world powered only by the sun Voiced by Vivica Williams

    Added 29.07.16